Cruise Ship Recruitment Agency In Mumbai

Cruise Ship Recruitment Agency In Mumbai

We are a leading Cruise Ship Recruitment Agency in Mumbai

Recruiting competent individuals for the cruise line is a professional job. The recruitment is not an easy process but it does require the applicants to be all the way dedicated, extremely competent, and educationally well qualified. We, at Sea Royal Ship Mgmt Pvt Ltd, are the leading cruise ship recruitment agency in Mumbai.Weunderstand the basic requirements different cruise companies and we only provide them with full-blown individuals accordingly. As we are a cruise ship recruitment agency in Mumbai, we typically hire most interested aspirants from India. In spite of the various challenges experienced as an incumbent individual in the cruise Line, we embolden the confidence of cruise job-seekers and ensure placement for them.

We excel in the recruitment of people interested in cruise line

At Sea Royal Ship MgmtPvt Ltd, we play a seminal role in fulfilling the various cruise positions, for example, cooks, supervisors, housekeeping personnel, etc. as required by any Cruise Liner. The working setting we have in our agency is coordinated in dissimilar ranges and is in sync with the interests of the people interested in doing cruise jobs. Our cruise ship employment agency in Mumbai has been at the cutting edge of the cruise business. Doubtlessly, our association with cruise companies has advanced from a variety of viewpoints in recent years. We invariably do our best to provide our customers with the best experience through our excellence and perfection in the way we work.

We provide different job position in cruise line

Our cruise ship recruitment agency in Mumbai has been providing all types of positions in cruise line depending on the educational qualification, experience and competence. These positions commonly include Managers, Captains, Supervisors, Cooks, Housekeeping, etc. With various leading and the most renowned names associated with us at Sea Royal Ship MgmtPvt Ltd, we are committed to providing the best individuals to them. The mechanism of how we work Our experience, know-how, and involvement in this domain have enabled us to offer a comprehensive Crew Management package and thus enhancing our support to the Recruitment, Training, Travel, and Operational needs of our international clients. This is how we at our cruise ship recruitment agency in Mumbai work:

Pre-Screen Interview

Our team will check into your resume/CV to ensure you qualify all the basic requisites. If all is found well, you will be notified that you are shortlisted. In case of not being selected, you will be notified accordingly.

Technical Interview

In view of the specific position in cruise line you have applied for, one of our recruiters from a cruise ship company will take your technical interview.

Final Interview

For candidates who are shortlisted in the preceding two interview rounds, our client’s recruiter will talk to them either via phone or in person. As a standard rule, after the meeting is over, the recruiters will let you know whether you match the need.


The selected crew will be urged to bring their credentials and to join the preferred cruise job. The credentials will include Passport, STCW, Medical, Visas, Seaman’s Book, Police Clearance report, and Inoculations.


The cruise line’s assembly members will get in touch with us for scheduling the joining date of the job. Our executives will help you guide about all the arrangements to be made. Contact us at Sea Royal Ship Mgmt Pvt Ltd at +91 22 61071600 and/or for more information on our cruise ship recruitment services.