DG Shipping

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The DG Shipping or the Directorate General of Shipping India is an affiliated office of the Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India. The office tackles managerial affairs associated with merchant shipping. Indian shipping has been a subject of postponement until the country achieved independence. It was solely after this, the development of shipping gained the attention of the state policy. In the preliminary phases, Shipping was exclusively handled by the Ministry of Commerce until the year 1949. However, afterward, in 1951, the responsibility was given to the Ministry of Transport and Shipping. In 1947, the Indian Government declared the National Policy on Shipping, with a view to ascertaining the entire development of the industry. With a view to picking up the pace of the efforts related to the development, the need for setting up a national managerial organization was sensed and with this in mind, in September 1949, the Directorate General of Shipping India with its central office in Bombay was founded.

The DG shipping India today tackles all affairs related to Nautical Administration, Nautical Education & Training, expansion of Shipping Industry and so on.

The basic objectives of the Directorate General of Shipping India include:
  • Affairs exercising an influence on Merchant Shipping & navigation as well as administration of the Merchant Shipping Law
  • Steps to ensure the safety of marine life and ships at sea
  • Development of Indian Shipping
  • International Conventions about Maritime affairs
  • Provisos of facilities for training the Officers and giving ratings to the Merchant Navy
Conventions of Employment of Seafarers and their betterment:
  • Expansion of Sailing Vessel Industry and
  • Ordinances of Ocean freight rates abroad.

The Directorate is responsible for implementing the shipping policy and legislation with a view to ascertaining the safety of life and ships at sea, avoidance of marine litter, backing of nautical education and training etc.