Offshore Company

offshore company

The offshore oil & gas industries have extended massively, which has led to the ever-increasing demand for offshore support vessels (OSVs) to carry out different operations necessary for floating of an offshore company. These could include oil exploration, marine construction, excavation, diving support, supply/repair vessels, or more.

Offshore ships company also provide the transiting and relieving of crewing personnel to and from the high seas operational areas, as and when necessitated.

Recruitment and Placement Services License (RPSL) is ordered by the Directorate General of Shipping for approved spotters and specialists in Mumbai, India. Recruitment and Placement Services (RPS) rules issued by the Govt of India and implemented under the Indian Merchant Shipping Act, which gives a system to insurance of Indian seafarers taking a shot at Indian and Foreign banner vessels and the vital shields for their repatriation in case of their being stranded or during such different exigencies, when the ship proprietor neglects to release the obligation of repatriating the seafarers to the home port of the sailor. All RPS suppliers are issued with a Recruitment and Placement Services License (RPSL) number.