Rig Recruitment

Rig Recruitment

We can turn around your life for an exceptional change:

If you are looking to grab a rig-based job, then Sea Royal Ship Management Pvt Ltd has the answer for you! We are invariably in search of ardent and diligent job-seekers like you and help provide you with a good cost-effective rig job where your skills and work ethic will be appreciated and esteemed. Irrespective of the experience you carry presently, our seasoned oil and gas rig recruiters will help you turn up a gig that fits your qualifications and needs to a nicety. On top of that, we at, Sea Royal Ship Mgmt Pvt Ltd, has an international approach. With said that, if you are interested in doing a job in an international country, for example, UAE / SAUDI / DOHA QATAR / IRAN etc., then you can get in touch with our professionals crew executives to determine the basic needs you should have to get started.

We are an oil and gas recruitment company having a special personal touch:

While you get in touch with one of our crew executive, he/she will grant you access to one of the dedicated oil and gas rig recruiters to help you guide through the whole process. Irrespective of the job type you are searching for on a rig, our professionals will help you prove a match to The Rig Recruitment Company that is looking for a person with the skills you have. Now just have a look at the various jobs you can grab through our oil and gas rig recruitment agency:

  • Engineering: Electrical, mechanical and geo engineering.
  • Management: Subsea systems project engineer, health & safety supervisor
  • Technical: Accomplished trade workers, laborers, shop mechanics, corrosion connoisseurs, etc.

These jobs range from beginners to accomplished professionals. In case you are on the fence as if which position you are interested in, get in touch with us today at Sea Royal Ship management t Pvt Ltd., the leader in rig recruitment. Experiencing our professionalism, you will see for yourself as if why we are reckoned as the leaders in rig recruitment. We have a rich experience of over 18 years in the industry in turning up people just like to provide them with satisfying and cost-effective careers.

We can make a difference for you!

What stands us out from several other oil and gas rig recruitment companies is that we have the perfect amalgamation of international reach and individual attention. Though our oil and gas rig managers are present all over the world, albeit we presently maintain our presence in our exclusive Mumbai-based office. We offer resume extension services, interview provisions and even relocation that collectively aid in ensuring your smooth changeover to your new life in a new job. Our oil and gas rig recruitment company is also a reputable approved by DG shipping, Govt. ofIndia. Incidentally, we never while away time or resources servicing companies that are reluctant to hire you. Our recruitment rig managers have established not very good relationships with The Rig Recruitment company but also some leading names in the oil and gas industry including …… more!

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You can send you cv at crew@searoyalship.com or contact at +91 22 61071600 and send your information to our professional executives at our oil and gas rig recruitment company. This is the preliminary step to your new life, so do not shilly-shally to get good things to come in your favor. We the