Drug Policy

The drug and alcohol objectives are:
To operate drugs free vessels.
To operate alcohol free vessels.
These objectives are achieved by:
  • Pre-employment medical examination and certification (six drug test).
  • Weekly inspection of all accommodation spaces for drugs and alcohol.
  • Monthly random analyzing of alcohol content in breath of all crew on board the vessels by means of breath analyser (intoxication means>=0.04% or 40mg/100ml)
  • All officers/crew screened at least once per year. (randomly screened for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, pcp and amphetamine)
  • Post incident testing, drug & alcohol testing shall be conducted onboard in the event of marine incident (collision, grounding, fire, explosion, injury etc if occurs)
  • All employees have to sign confirming their agreement to the company policy and tests.
  • Drug and alcohol testing reports filed onboard
  • Non-conformance is to be documented in non-conformity report file.
  • Personnel testing positive for drug and alcohol will be subjected to dismissal and termination of employment.
  • Personnel are reminded; drug use may result in prosecution and imposed with severe penalities in certain countries. Sea Royal will fully co-operate with local authorities.
The OCIMF guidelines for control of drugs and alcohol onboard ship is to be recognized as part of the company policy.