Personnel Management

Sea Royal offers outstanding Personnel Management & Crew recruitment Services for various types of Vessels with highly qualified and competent multinational crew as per owners choice & budget while strictly adhering to the statutory & regulatory requirements. One of the key pillar of Sea Royal is quality, training,retraining and retaining the crew, ensures safety, security, environmental protection, maintenance, prevention of accidents and incidences.

Personnel Management : Under this service we provide suitable candidates to our principals to meet their requirements. The selection of candidates is done by us taking into consideration the type of vessel, cargo carried, trade route, past experience of the candidates on similar type of vessels, etc. The entire responsibility of the candidates right from their selection to their placement on board, victualing, officers family carriage, and their subsequent repatriation on completion of contract is undertaken by us. Pre Joining Medicals, supply of working gears, payroll processing, cash advances, remittances, candidates′ ticketing, etc are handled by us.

Crew recruitment: Under this services we only provide our principals suitable candidates to meet their requirements and the rest everything is borne by the Principals.

Sea Royal Crew Management comprises following services::
  • Selection
  • Interview
  • Certification
  • Verification
  • Wages bargaining
  • Evaluation & Assessment report
  • Pre Joining Medical
  • Working gears
  • Victualling
  • Family Carriage